Safe and Sound


Imagine soft, afternoon sunlight dancing through the curtains of nursery window.  The shadowy pattern of leaves from the tree outside rock back and forth across pastel walls and sturdy cribs.  Take a peek inside…wrapped up in a soft flannel blanket – “snug as rug” as your grandmother might say – is your child…quiet, calm and fast asleep.

After nap time, there will be smiles and laughter, snack time and games, and when you arrive after a long workday, you’ll find your baby rested, relaxed and ready for quality time.

At Nancy Kelly Infant Care, we are committed to providing your child with quality care and comfort specifically designed for children 6-18 months old.  Traditional day care is often geared for the older child, the toddler, the mover and the shaker.  At Nancy Kelly Infant Care, we’re committed to providing supervision and a warm, safe environment uniquely designed for infants.

I feel strongly that new babies need affectionate interaction and a consistent schedule in order to thrive. I believe in providing the infants in my care with a safe and loving environment.  My daily routine is designed to provide a relaxing enriching atmosphere that allows me to quickly and efficiently respond to each individual child’s needs and interests.